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Learn To Report

Learn To Report

Important Contact Details

For any form of online distress/harassment on social media platforms, economic fraud, matrimonial fraud, online loan scam, job fraud or in case of online sexual abuse or harassment, report here:

 https://cybercrime.gov.in | Cyber Wellness Helpline 7353107353

If you are a victim of financial cyber frauds, dial this helpline and report on the site 

1930  |  https://cybercrime.gov.in

If you receive obscene, threatening content (photos, pictures, abusive words) through messages, emails, or on social networking profiles, or if you want to report a fake account or a hacked account, please reach out to us immediately

Cyber Wellness Helpline: 7353107353

Reporting mechanisms for popular apps are essential for maintaining a safe and respectful online environment. Here are some common ways to report issues on popular social media apps:

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