• Committed to the cause of Child Online Protection Since 2012

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Committed to the cause of Child Online Protection
Project Responsible Netism is the brainchild of AHAAN FOUNDATION, a trust registered in 2012. Responsible Netism (RN) is a social purpose organisation, committed to the cause of child online protection initiated in the states of Maharashtra, Goa and Madhya Pradesh. The movement advocates for cyber-wellness to ensure children’s mental well-being in cyberspace, having successfully educated over 1.3 million children and over 0.7 million adults since inception.
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Here’s what our beneficiaries have to say about their experiences with our sessions
“We at PHS express our gratitude to the team for conducting a programme on Cyber Alert for our students. This programme was a blessing in disguise for our students as they understood the dangers of Cyber Crimes such as hacking, cyber bullying, face morphing etc. This programme taught the students to be responsible and alert netizens. They also learnt how to protect the email account of their parents and I am sure they will carry on this message to their homes thereby creating an awareness amongst all the family members and friends. This will definitely make a huge difference to the society and country at large.”
Ms. Prema Kotian
Principal, Purushottam High School and Convener H-Ward
“Thank you for giving us an opportunity to take part in the "Cyber Alert Schools" programme initiated by Team Responsible Netism. The orientation given to parents, staff and students of Duruelo School was excellent and inspiring. The management, staff and students of Duruelo Convent School wish you all the best in inspiring many more young lives in the years to come.”
Sr. Zarina
Principal, Duruelo Convent

“Cyber Awareness and Cyber Security must be one of our basic needs. Alertness of cyber offences help and protect people from becoming cyber offenders. The Responsible Netism session that was conducted at our school was excellently presented and very informative.”
Ms. Ophelia Barreto
Principal, Podar International School, State Board

“Our students are cyber savvy and tech friendly. However, to take them through a journey towards making them cyber alert and cyber smart, the team Responsible Netism has wonderfully accomplished their session at our school. I extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for educating our students, parents and teachers on cyber safety.”
Mrs. Anna Correa
Principal, St. Stanislaus High School
“The cyber alert program conducted by the Responsible Netism team was very informative; it made students and teachers aware about various cyber crime punishments and laws under the IT Act. It also enhanced our knowledge of using the internet in safer ways.”
Mrs. Aleema Momim
Principal, National Girls High School
“We appreciate the efforts of the Responsible Netism team towards making our students aware of the dangers of social media. Our students and staff found the information interesting and very relevant. Thank you for your guidance. God bless…”
Sister Lalitha Lopez
Principal, St Joseph's Convent High School
“Being a part of the Cyber alert program conducted by Responsible Netism is like vaccinating our students from cyber crime.”
Ms Rizwana Shaikh
Principal, S.S. Sahney High School