Education and Training Programmes



Being Responsible Netizens is a customized one-time education module on online safety for students, teachers and parents within educational institutions.

The programme advocates for cyber wellness to ensure mental well-being in cyber space and empowers children, youth and adults about responsible online behaviour, thereby equipping them to combat online distress.



Responsible Netism has partnered with WNS Cares Foundation to educate 25 schools in Mumbai and implement a 10-month interactive Cyber Smart Schools programme. This programme is intensive and research based, it highlights the importance and significance of cyber wellness and its impacts on children and youth. Most importantly it empowers children and adults to become online protectionists. The programme promises to make 25 schools Cyber Smart by educating 20,000 children and 11,000 adults about cyber-crimes against children, technical tips to understand and secure gadgets, sensitize children and adults about social media apps, gadget addiction, gaming, gambling and age-inappropriate content; highlighting psychological impacts and legal implications of irresponsible online behavior. Children and adults would then be trained to use the online platform of Cyber Smart for certification. The study conducted under this programme would be presented to the Ministry of Education with policy recommendations for reform with due acknowledgements to all participating schools.



We take this opportunity to collaborate with your esteemed institution to run the awareness programme - “Building Digital Guardians” supported by BOB FINANCIALS, to educate your teachers and parents about Responsible Online Behaviour. These sessions highlight the importance and significance of cyber wellness and its impacts on children and youth. They promote constructive usage of technology, prevent internet addiction and misuse; thereby protecting them from cyber-crime to make your institutions cyber safe. The programme Building Digital Guardians is a unique 60 minute virtual workshop for every parent interested in safe guarding their child online by equipping them as proactive digital guardians. The workshop highlights natures of cyber-crimes committed by and on children, screen time regulations, understanding apps, social media, online gaming related safety and security tools and measures so as to build safety nets for children most importantly reporting mechanisms of online distress.



With most young girls and women being vulnerable to cyber-crimes due to lack of awareness, it is essential to empower them with techniques to protect themselves from internet abuse or threats. We strongly believe, education on prevention of online distress is the key to ensuring young girls and women leading responsible and safe virtual lives. With this background, we launched this programme for female college students titled CYBER SAKHI. In these times of the lockdown, cyber-crimes against girls and women have scaled to 10 folds; this programme trains girls to protect themselves in cyber space. The programme highlights cyber-crimes against women, legal implications of crimes, psychological impacts of irresponsible behavior, teaching tech tips to secure devices and most importantly understanding reporting mechanisms of cybercrimes so as to protect themselves.



The Digital Stree Shakti programme has been initiated with the support of the Maharashtra State Commission for Women to promote digital literacy and cyber safety amongst girls/boys and women in marginalized communities.